Honesty and Professional Ethics

We place great importance on ethics in carrying out our work, putting the interests and wellbeing of the patient before all else.

Specialists in Orthodontics

We are highly qualified in this field, and are constantly updating our knowledge and skillset, so we can offer all the options currently available in orthodontics.

We like and care about our work

We believe that this attitude is fundamental in our profession. We like our work, and we think that our patients can see this and appreciate it.

Specialists in Cosmetic Orthodontics
Invisible and Lingual Orthodontics

Show your smile … Not your brace

Lingual orthodontics is the straightening of misaligned teeth using a fixed appliance that is cemented to the internal surface of the teeth. Lingual braces work in the same way as conventional braces in that there is total control over movement of the teeth, but they are almost invisible, the only person that knows you are wearing braces is you.

Anyone can use lingual braces providing they have healthy bones and gums. With lingual braces, regardless of whether you are an adult or a teenager, there are customised solutions for individual problems.

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